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Andrea Slevin has been a professional jewelry designer since 1975. As a youth, she was fascinated by all types of jewelry and first began putting earrings together from found objects. Completely self-taught, Andrea began working with precious metals and gemstones in 1970. Her jewelry is hand-wrought from silver or gold wire and then crafted into different pieces. Many of her designs are whimsical and often incorporate some kind of movement. 
A couple of years ago, Andrea started experimenting with various metal alloy wires. She began making assorted designs with these wires and crafted some metal wind chimes. As she embellished these chimes with beads, that grew into the idea to create a metal "wand" to place into potted plants or directly into the garden. That concept progressed and turned into the idea to make "jewelry" to adorn the home, office or garden.
That idea became the reality of "Garden Jewels." Beginning with only a few designs that looked much like the jewelry she makes, those soon expanded into the many different designs she now produces. 

Andrea has been collecting beads and gemstones to use in her jewelry for many years. "Garden Jewels" now allow her the opportunity to use these special beads in current production. Choosing the beads and colors for each "Garden Jewel" is one of the highlights of producing her new line. 

Andrea continues to show her work throughout the United States and Australia. Since the early 1970's, she has been participating in the Sunday Cabrillo Arts and Crafts Fair in Santa Barbara, California. 

Andrea Slevin 
Silver Moon Jewelry 
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